Medical Camp at Mantri Tranquil Apts


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REPORT: Medical Camp at Mantri Tranquil Apts. (Jan-12 and 13)

In 2010, most of our Medical camps were for children, at Government schools (chiefly) or other Centres for children (Click here to view reports of these camps). In our attempt to reach out to other sections that would also benefit from these camps, we were able to facilitate a camp for an adult population from surrounding slums/villages in November (click here to read a report of that camp).

A different idea that would enable reaching out to economically weaker sections is to conduct Medical camps at large Apartments for those employed as Security staff, house-keeping staff, labourers, etc. Considering that many of these workers reside in nearby localities that would benefit from such Healthcare being made available, we would be reaching out to those localities, while at the same time, the fact that these people are employed at the Apartment makes organising the camp and especially the follow-up for referrals after the camp, much easier.

This idea materialised in the form of a Medical camp conducted by Rajarajeswari Medical and Dental college & Hospital at Mantri Tranquil Apartments (near Konanakunte cross) on the 12th and 13th of January, 2011. Tranquil Charitable Foundationand Youth for Seva facilitated and organised this camp. Details follow:

Date and time: 12th and 13th January, 2011; 10:30 A.M to 3:30 P.M

Venue: Mantri Tranquil Apartments, Gubbalala, off Kanakapura Road

Camp type and Medical teams involved:

Department of Community Medicine, Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital (RRMCH), and Rajarajeswari Dental college and Hospital (RRDCH), Mysore Road

Team from Rajarajeswari Dental college and Hospital (9):

Dr.Nithin, Dr.Amit, Dr.Shweta, Dr.Sumit, Dr.Suman, Dr.Shivangi, Dr.Jane, Dr.Arash, Mr.Prashant

Team from Rajarajeswari Medical college & Hospital (10):

Dr.Vinod, Dr.Nikhil, Dr.Shashank, Dr.Sushma, Dr.Sukreet, Dr.Sunita, Dr.Mamta, Dr.Pooja, Dr.Apoorva

Screening was conducted to identify ailments under the categories of Eye, General Medicine, Orthopaedics, Surgical, ENT, Gynaecology, and Dermatology. Blood glucose level and B.P tests were conducted for those above the age of 30.

Wherever possible, basic medicines were provided on the day of the camp. Patients requiring further investigations/treatments have been referred to RRMCH and RRDCH, where the treatments (except for medicine costs) shall be provided for free.

Number of people screened: 355

47 Security Staff

99 Housekeeping Staff

61 House-maids

33 Construction workers

115 Other workers

Number requiring Referral/further treatment:

305 for Dental

92 for non-Dental

Volunteers present:

Sriram, Srinivas, Jaya Sriram ,Sulekha, Savitri, Didi, Lavayna K, Ramakrishna R,  Revathi, Usha Murthy from Tranquil Charitable Foundation (all residents of Mantri Tranquil)

Namita, Deepika, Prashant, Akshatha, Sonal, Ullas, Ram, Vikrant, Jayant, Shikha, Anand from YFS

The active involvement from residents at Mantri Tranquil (including volunteer Namita, who co-ordinated this camp from YFS’s side) not only made the screening smooth, it also makes follow-ups easier to track since employers can take responsibility and ensure that those requiring further treatment do go to the Hospital to avail of that.

Looking ahead, we hope to replicate this successful camp model at other apartments too.