Who can be a Doctor for Seva?

Anyone that is from a medical profession and willing to provide voluntary service with the intention of benefiting the economically needy community. If you are a general physician, specialist, counselor or psychiatrist, pharmacist, medical student, chemist, a medical college, or a hospital, you are welcome to be a member of Doctors for Seva (DFS).


i.      Doctors for Seva is primarily intended for those doctors or medical institutions that are in a         position to provide voluntary service to the economically needy.

ii.     DFS members are free to decide the extent and type of voluntary service they wish to offer.

iii.    Consultation/Treatment day and time can be fixed as per the doctor’s convenience.

iv.    DFS members will not be given monetary compensation from Youth for Seva.

v.     Youth for Seva will make food arrangements for all doctors on the day of a medical         camp.

vi.    While we encourage the signing of simple MOU’s with medical institutions, it is not a rule.         Anyone can be a member of Doctors for Seva, merely by providing voluntary service.

vii.   While DFS members may decide the extent of the service they wish to voluntarily offer, they         shall not charge the patients any fee. YFS volunteers/coordinators must be informed of any         financial expenses to be borne.

viii.  DFS members are requested not to use Doctors for Seva for any publicity or other personal         gains/incentives/motives.

ix.    Medical students or doctors, who wish to have some form of acknowledgment for the         service(s) rendered, can contact the healthcare coordinator. A certificate of appreciation         will be issued.

x.     Doctors are requested to check the signature on the consent forms issued to the children         before treatment, in case the parents do not accompany them.