Any person with an intention to give some of his/her time to community service can choose to volunteer with Doctors for Seva. Your qualifications, professional background, language, age or any other factor will not be a constraint to volunteer with us.

Please note – a person need not be from a medical background to volunteer with us. Our volunteers are from varying backgrounds, including engineers, bankers, army men, homemakers, retirees, etc.

Some of the voluntary work you can be a part of are listed below:

Note: For all major treatments, parents are requested to accompany children, and a volunteer’s presence will help only at the consultation stage.

3. Awareness Talks
Interested volunteers can conduct awareness talks in government schools on topics such as General Hygiene, Nutrition, and Menstrual Hygiene. Training and materials for the talks will be provided during Youth for Seva’s monthly training sessions. To view the existing resources on Awareness Talks, please click here.


1. You may chose the extent to which you wish to volunteer. You are not bound by any contract.
2. You are requested to inform coordinators in advance if there is a change of plans.
3. If you volunteer to accompany children for consultations after a camp, you are requested to     NOT take money from the children or their parents or from adult patients for any expense     (transportation, doctor’s fee, food, medicine, etc.)
4. You are requested to ask parents/guardians of the children if they are in a position to bear     expenses for medicines or treatments. If not, please inform the healthcare coordinator.
5. You may choose to spend for transportation, medicine, food, etc. If not, YFS will reimburse     expenses incurred while volunteering.
6. While accompanying children for referral consultation, please make sure all of them have a     signed consent form and the phone number of their parents. Note that the consent thus     offered is for the consultation only, not for any further treatment advised by the consulting     Doctor.
7. Wherever the consulting Doctor advises further treatment/ tests, do ensure that you inform the     child’s parent/guardian & the teacher obtain consent from them, and only then proceed.
8. At every stage, the treatments will be done with the consent and cooperation of the school     authorities. Please note that we shall not proceed with treatments in the absence of the above.
9. If you wish to serve as a Seva Fellowship volunteer (fulltime for 3 months or above),
    please write to info@doctorsforseva.org