Medical and surgery camp at Chunchaghatta


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On 14th November, 2010, a Medical camp was conducted by Mahaveer Jain Hospital at Chunchaghatta, near Konanakunte cross.

Date: 14th November, 2010

Time: 9:30 A.M to 3:30 P.M

Venue: Maruti High School, Chunchaghatta-Kothnur Main road, near Konanakunte cross

Camp conducted by: Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Vasanthnagar

Team from Mahaveer Jain Hospital (21):

Doctors (9): Dr.Sapna, Dr.Srinivas, Dr.Srividya, Dr.Akshita, Dr.Diwakar, Dr.Shivakumar, Dr.Supreeth, Dr.Rashmi, Dr.Pradeep

Nursing Staff (9): Sisters Neelamma, Julie, Sagya, Amitha, Dhanya, Sonia, Prema, Padma and Jayanthi

Other staff (3): Mr.Mahesh, Mr.Sreeram, Mr.Srikumar

YFS Volunteers present (6): Ashok, Sridhar, Pravin, Namita, Akshata, Anand

YFS co-ordinated with Jain Hospital and helped organise the camp.

Type of Camp: Free Medical and Surgical camp

Following the screening done by the various Specialists from Mahaveer Jain Hospital, free medicines were given on the spot, wherever possible, for common ailments. Beyond this, Mahaveer Jain Hospital will be taking up all surgery cases from this camp Free of cost. This includes Hospital stay (inpatient) charges, food during period of stay, operation costs, costs of medicines used during the operation and stay and food for one care-taker at the Hospital.

Although initially it was expected that the camp would benefit patients from surrounding slums/villages (Konanakunte, Chunchaghatta, Kothnur, Harinagara, Ganapathipura and Beereshwaranagara), patients came in from various other (sometimes far-off) locations like Tumkur, Mysore, Kolar, Doddabalapur, etc. too.

Number of people (children and adults) screened: 414

Number requiring review/follow-up: 123

Review dates were assigned for each patient, starting from November 15th and till the end of January 2011. Following an evaluation on the date of review, surgery cases (where required) will be taken up, with consent of the patient and/or relatives.

YFS volunteers shall be monitoring the follow-ups, ensuring that the patients report for review and tracking course of treatments decided.


Doctors from seven specialties screened patients on the day. A specialty-wise listing of numbers of patients screened and those requiring review follows:

*This number is the number of cases for review; number of patients for review is 123 (some patients have to be followed up for more than one specialty)