Dental & Eye camps at Urdu School, Electronic City


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REPORT: Dental & Eye camps at Urdu School, Electronic City

Date: Sep-20, 2010

Time: 9 am to 3 pm

Venue: Govt. Urdu School, Subhashnagar (Electronic city Zone)

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Dental Team

12 dentists from Oxford Dental College – Dr. Shilpashree, Dr. Roopa, Dr. Tharanath, Dr. Vipul, Dr. Kavitha, Dr. Akhilesha, Dr. Saikeerthi, Dr. Nischitha, Dr. Vijay T.J, Dr. Sravanthi, Dr. Preethi Reddy, Dr. Sravani

Eye Team

4 from Narayana Nethralaya  – Dr. Shoruba, Mr. Ved Prakash(Optometrist), Mr. Venkatesh(Camp coordinator), Mr. Niranjan(Vision Technician)

Volunteers present: 4 (Mubarak, Renita, Sinu, Anand)

No. of children screened: 172 (Dental) & 198 (Eye)



The team from Oxford Dental College & Hospital, Bommanahalli did not only screening, but also basic treatments at the school itself. The treatments done at the school included extraction, Oral Prophylaxis, Scaling, Restoration,

Total no. Screened = 172 children

Basic Treatments completed = 53 children

Treatments to be done at Oxford = 107 children {22 (from basic cases) + 85 (from complicated cases)}


The team from Narayana Nethralaya did not only screening, but also testing for refraction, thereby bringing down the number of referrals at the hospital to only 8.

Total no. Screened = 198 children

Cyclo Refraction = 5

Dilated fundus = 2

Blepharitis = 1