CSR Program with Bosch at Munichinappa Govt School


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Date: Aug-3-2010

Venue: Munichinnappa Government School, Adugodi

Timing: 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Aim: To conduct a comprehensive medical screening camp for the children from 1st to 7th std (around 240)

Organized by: Bosch, Adugodi, Bangalore

In Association with: Fortis Hospital, Devi Eye Hospital, Oxford Dental College, BBMP and Youth For Seva.


Bosch’s Corporate Social Responsibility( CSR) Program in association with Youth for Seva was inaugurated on August 3rd, 2010, with a Comprehensive Medical Screening Camp for around 240 children from Munichinappa Government School, Adugodi.

The plan is to adopt a government school (Munichinnappa Govt School) close to the Bosch campus at Adugodi and monitor the health of the children for a period of 3 years. The initial screening camp conducted on August 3rd will be followed by monitored referrals for each child which will be undertaken by Bosch employees. The screening was done for children from std 1 to std 7 and the children from std 1 to std 5 will be considered for the 3 year plan.


The project was led by Dr. Y. Raghavan (Chief Medical Officer, Bosch), along with Mr. Rajanna.S (CSR Consultant, Bosch) and Mr. Prabhakar (Senior Manager, Bosch). Youth for Seva assisted in the initial survey, data analysis and planning process through Dr.Vimochana (Pediatrician), volunteers Ms. Sinu Joseph, Mrs. Ashwini Bhatt and Mr. Veeresh.

There were 8 General Physicians, 2 Ophthalmologists and 10 Dentists who conducted the screening process. Around 40 employees from Bosch and 6 volunteers from Youth for Seva ensured the smooth running of the camp.


The patience and cooperation of doctors involved in the screening process was responsible to a great extent for the success of the camp. While Youth for Seva coordinated in getting the dentists from Oxford Dental College, Dr. Raghavan and Bosch are responsible for the presence of all other doctors, technicians and the excellent camp arrangements.

General Physicians: From Fortis Hospital, we had Dr. Althaf, Dr. Keshav, Dr. Thara, Dr. Saeiya and Dr. Selwin. From the BBMP, we had Dr. Manimeghala and Dr. Gayathri. Dr. Vimochana, a Pediatrician, who is associated with Youth for Seva also volunteered to be a part of the camp.

Ophthalmologists: From Devi Eye Hospital, we had Dr. Balakrishna Shetty and Dr. Sharath, and Mr. Chandrakant Sehgal

Dentists: From Oxford Dental College, we had Dr. Shilpashree, Dr. Roopa.V, Dr. Amandeep, Dr. Madhusudhan, Dr. Sanjeev, Dr. Vasudha, Dr. Anju Nair, Dr. Naimaish Dhadhuk, Dr. Hannah Mushtaq and Dr. Ahmed Mariyam Siddique.


The occasion was made special due to the presence of the following guests who took time out of their busy schedule to support this project:

From Bosch: Mr. Soumithro Bhattacharya (Director, Bosch) and Mr. Prathap Sarcod (General Manager, Technical Services, Mico Bosch)

Mr. Ramalinga Reddy (MLA), Mr. Munireddy (Block Education Officer) and staff, graced the occasion by their presence.

From BBMP: Dr. Gayathri (CMO), Dr.Suresh, Dr. Manimeghala(Pediatrician), Dr.Gayathri(Physician), Mr. Babu(Corporator, BBMP)

Mr. Venkatesh Murthy (Coordinator, Youth for Seva) was also present.


The enthusiasm and involvement of the Bosch employees in volunteering is certainly inspiring. Nearly 40 volunteers from Bosch came forward to support and be a part of the medical camp. Their untiring, enthusiastic attitude was very motivating. Here are the names of some of them:

Layout Discipline: These volunteers escorted each child from one doctor’s counter to another making sure that all the necessary checkups have been done. Mr.Shashikumar, Mr. Desai, Mr. Pradeep, Mr. Tony, Mr. Nitin, Mr. Mohan Rao, Mr. Ravindra Kumar, Mr. Harsha, Ms. Ramya, Mr. Daniel, Mr. Guruprasad, Mr. Narasimha Murthy, Ms. Karuna, Ms. Sumithra, Mr. Subhash, Mr. Srinivavs Murthy were some of them who volunteered for this.

Registration: These volunteers helped to register each child at the beginning of the camp. Mrs. Radhamani, Mr. Jayaram, Mr. Vallish Babu were taking care of the registration process.

Supervision: Mr. Prasanna Kumar, Mr. Anjaneya Murthy, Mr. Ajay and Mr. Ashok were incharge of the overall supervision.

Final Documentation: Dr. Shylaja, Mr. Ravi Shankar, Mr. Ravi were in-charge of the final documentation.

Other Volunteers from Bosch: Mr.Karanth, Mr. Manjunath, Mr. Kapinipathi, Mr. Hussain, Mr. Nagaraj, Mr. Ravi and Mr. Venkatesh also deserve a mention for their contribution for the smooth running of the camp.

Also, YFS volunteers, Hemanth, Anand, Neha, Anu, Ashwini and Sinu assisted in all the activities on the day of the camp. The Principal and staff of Munichinappa Government School were also very cooperative and assisted in ensuring the success of the camp.


Youth for Seva would like to express its sincere gratitude to Mr. Rajanna, who first approached us and has been constantly working behind the scenes in making the CSR program a reality, Dr. Raghavan, for leading, organizing and supporting the cause, Mr. Prabhakar and Bosch for making us a part of this project.

We look forward to continuing our association with Bosch for this project in the next 3 years, and in future for other CSR projects as well.

Munichinappa Referral cases

1. Cardiac Cases – 5 children – Fortis Hospital – Date: 21-09-10 – 3 pm
2. Neurology Cases – 3 children – Fortis Hospital – Date to be fixed on 21-09-10 (mostly 23-09-10) – 3 pm
3. Ortho Cases – 2 children – Dr.Shylaja will re-examine them at school – Date 16-09-10 – 2.30 pm
4. Skin – 1 child – Sparsha Skin clinic – Date to be fixed
5. Pediatric – 6 children – Rangadore Hospital – Any Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday – 3pm to 4 pm
6. Surgery – 2 children – Vani Vilas Hospital – November 2010
7. ENT – 9 children – Undecided hospital – November 2010
8. Anemia – All children – Government will undertake these cases, starting Sep-20
Eight children were taken for pediatric Referrals to Rangadore Hospital, Dr.Shubha Badami.

1. No findings – 3 children
2. Medicines Prescribed – 3 children
3. Urine Test – 1 child
4. Stool Test – 1 child
5. Surgery – 1 child