August 2010 – A report


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The highlight of this month has been REFERRALS. The health team believes that it is pointless to do only a screening of children and diagnoze problems. A health camp can be considered complete only after the required treatment has been provided. Therefore, though it has been a tiring and time consuming process, we have taken children for treatment whereever the school & parents have given us their consent.

Given below is a summary of all our activities in the month of August 2010.


In August 2010:

Total number of camps – 6

Total number of schools covered – 6

Total number of volunteers involved – 21

Total number of children screened – 1612

# Date Type of camp School’s No. of children Conducted by YFS Volunteers
1 2-Aug Dental Gottigere High School, Gottigere 322 AECS Maruti Dental College, Bannerghatta 4 (Amar, Hemanth, Sayali, Sinu)
2 3-Aug Complete Medical Camp (Bosch CSR) Munichinappa Govt Primary School, Adugodi 240 Oxford Dental College (through YFS), Others through Bosch 6 (Ashwini, Sinu, Hemant, Anand, Neha, Anu)
3 4-Aug Appearance screening Sanegoravanahalli Primary School , Basaveshwarnagar 197 YFS Volunteers 8 (Vyjayanthi, Balakrishna, Rucha, Roshni, Pramod, Bharti, Dr.Vimochana, Anand)
4 10-Aug Eye Ganganagar Govt High School, Ganganagar 262 Narayana Nethralaya 7 (Pradeep, Neha, Anu, Sinu,Manasa, Amitha, Kishan)
5 13-Aug Eye Jakkur Govt High School, Jakkur 363 Narayana Nethralaya 3 (Pradeep, Sinu, Manasa)
6 24-Aug



General Medical Camp Govt Primary School, Sanegoravanahalli, Basaveshwarnagar 228 Doctors for Seva – Dr. Vimochana, Dr. Pritha 6 (Vyjayanti, Akshata, Bharati, Ram, Roshni, Sinu)


In August 2010:

Total number of hospitals partnered with for referrals – 3

Total number of schools covered – 4

Total number of children given free treatment – 172

# Type Hospital’s name School’s name Starting date No. of days in Aug-2010 Total No. of children treated *
1 Dental AECS Maruti Dental College & Hospital Gottigere High School, Gottigere Aug 11, 2010 3 30
2 Dental Oxford Dental College & Hospital Munichinappa Govt Primary School, Adugodi Aug 16, 2010 8 135
3 Eye Narayana Nethralaya Hospital Govt Primary School & BBMP High school, Malleshwaram Aug 25, 2010 4 7

* This number has been calculated by adding number of children taken each day, some of whom may have been recalled for 2nd or 3rd visit, hence repeated.


  • August 5th : Anand – General Hygiene – 6th & 7th std – Veerabhadra School (Marthahalli)
  • August 5th: :Sinu – Nutrition – 6th & 7th std – Veerabhadra school in Marthahalli
  • Life skills Classes have been inititated by Sabitha at Urdu School, Malleshwaram
  • Training:11 volunteers from Laggere Zone have been trained to conduct health awareness talks


  • Sponsor a Patient was officially inaugurated on Aug 15th.
  • Formed a google group for the Health Team, with 40 members till date.
  • Volunteers came forward to sponsor spectacles for 40 children
  • Blood Donation Drive on Aug15. There were 65 blood donors.
  • Process of signing MOU with Bosch to partner for 3 years in their CSR program has been initiated.
  • Reports have been made for every single camp conducted so far (in 17 schools since June). These reports have been put up on the website. Details of all children screened is also being maintained.
  • Referrals for dental treatments at Urdu School & Govt Kannada School, Malleshwaram will soon begin. This will be done by M.R.Ramaiah Dental College & Hospital.


  • Health camps at 6 NELE branches through the network of Doctors for Seva will be initiated.
  • YFS’s first comprehensive medical camp covering General Medical checkup, Eye checkup and Dental checkup on one day has been fixed for September 4th at Govt School in Sanegoravanahalli, Basaveshwarnagar.