Volunteer speak

Volunteer speak

Being highly influenced by the definitions of belief and dedication in whatever we do, however big or small the work is, I am pleased to say that I have had a very satisfactory experience in the sense of bringing about a good change in our society through the various medical camps organized and executed by this volunteer movement which is headed by very able and dedicated volunteers. The things that I have learnt and experienced by being a part of this, has made me a better person and has given many dimensions to the way I live.

Hemant Hiremath, Software Engineer

We must appreciate the great efforts put in by Mr. Ashok for the success of the camp. His interest, enthusiasm was tremendous on the day. It needs lot of preparation, coordination and of course time to organize such camps and Mr. Ashok proved himself above expectation

Volunteer Praveen Mali’s thoughts on the free surgery camp organized by Volunteer L.K. Ashok

I still remember the day in that class room at Urdu School (Malleshwaram) when Anand & Sinu put forth the idea of a pilot project at Malleshwaram zone for “health activities”. And immediately my thoughts moved in the direction of “This would never succeed”. The pilot project had its share of pessimistic views from people like me. I wasn’t sure if we could carry on with the activities at the scale as was being discussed. But, today a year later, the health team (and I proudly say I’ve participated with this team) has not only covered Bangalore but also surrounding areas and the scale of activities are much larger. The success to the whole endeavor goes to all those involved in the precise planning, methodical organization and working on necessary tie-ups with hospitals and doctors; all of them with a special mention of Anand & Sinu. With you all in here, I am not surprised I was proven wrong.

Vivek K.M., Software Engineer

Initially, through YFS, I got a chance to volunteer in helping post stroke patients in the Physiotherapy Section of St Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore. Later on, my first voluntary experience was in a Government Primary School in Srirampuram, where I attended a Medical Camp organized by YFS Health Team. The moment I entered the
school, without even an introduction, the children rushed to me with a Good Morning wish. I could see the sparkle
in their eyes and smile in their faces while greeting me…….. Slowly I was encouraged to take part in Health Awareness Talk and with the support of Health Coordinators; I started getting the confidence to involve myself in Awareness Talk, especially on the Menstruation Hygiene for the School Girls. At the age of 50, I am experiencing the true joy of giving whenever I am engaged in any voluntary service………. It needs to be highlighted that YFS gives lot of freedom for volunteers to work and is always open to ideas & suggestions for any good initiation from volunteers. Truly a Team Work in Health Team makes every good move possible.

Mrs.Vyjayanti, working with IIMM