Thaiamma’s Story


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12 yr old Thaiamma, studying in Munichinappa Govt School, Adugodi, had been experiencing severe pain in her teeth leading to sleepless nights crying in pain, and difficulty in chewing food, thereby affecting her nutrition. It was a regular sight to see her come to school, hand over her cheek, crying in pain. The option of spending a few thousands on dental treatment was unthinkable for Thaiamma’s mother, being a single parent.

Fortunately for Thaiamma, Bosch adopted Munichinappa Govt School as part of its CSR program with YFS. Everyday, Bosch would arrange transportation for children needing treatment, and volunteers would accompany children to the hospital. Dr. Nidhi, from R.V. Dental college, who treated Thaiamma said “Thaiamma had 8 permanent caries teeth with infections that ran very deep. 6 of the teeth needed cleaning and filling and 2 needed endodontic therapy (root canal)” Now that the treatment has been completed, Thaiamma is back to being her lively self.

Timely intervention by Bosch and YFS, helped Thaiamma smile again.