September 2010 Report


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This month our main focus has been to form an official Health Team at YFS with volunteers being allotted specific tasks within the team.

Along with this, we also continued medical camps, undertook referrals from previous camps and expanded the network of Doctors for Seva among other things.

Here is a summary of the figures in September 2010

  • 14 volunteers are now part of the core health team
  • 5 medical camps have been conducted
  • 1094 children have been screened during the camps
  • Dental referrals for about 261children have been undertaken
  • Eye referrals for 21 children have been completed & orders for 14 spectacles have been placed
  • Pediatric referrals for 8 children have been completed
  • For Doctors for Seva, we have 7 new additions(hospitals/clinics) who have expressed willingness to help us with referrals following a camp
  • Sponsor a Patient added 2 more patients this month, bringing the total to 6
  • 95 people have donated blood through our blood donor program
  • Rs. 28,500 has been received through donors for a patient requiring brain tumor surgery
  • Rs.9300 has been received to sponsor spectacles for 37 children


On September-19, 2010, the Health Team had it’s first official meeting. As an outcome of the meeting, the following departments were formed:

1.      Health Zonal Coordinators (In charge of activities & man-power building in each zone)

Volunteers: North Bangalore – Mr. Ashok, Mr. Pravin. South Bangalore – Mr. Harsha, Mr. Shridhar

2.      ‘Doctors for Seva’ volunteers (In charge of building the network of medical professionals)

Volunteers: Ms. Neelima, Ms. Nidhi, Mr. Vinay, Mr. Channa, Ms, Nancy

3.      Awareness talks (In charge of conducting or organizing awareness talks)

Volunteers: Ms. Vyjayanti, Ms. Purnima, Ms. Geetha

4.      Fundraising Team (In charge of building funds for the health team)

Volunteers: Mr. Baliga, Ms. Namitha

5.      Overall in charge – Mr. Anand Baskaran, Ms. Sinu Joseph

To know more about the functioning of each department, please use this link –


In September 2010:

Total number of camps – 5

Total number of schools/projects covered – 5

Total number of volunteers involved – 39

Total number of doctors/dentists/medical professionals involved – 41

Total number of children screened – 1094 (max)

To see the detailed report of each camp, please click on the respective camps

# Date Type of camp School / Project’s Name No. of children Conducted by YFS Volunteers
1 Sep-4 Comprehensive Medical, Dental, Eye camp Govt Primary & High School, Sanegoravanahalli, Basaveshwarnagar 302 (General Medical), 205 (Dental), 317 (Eye) General medical(4), Dental(5) – Narain Oral & Dental Care, Eye(3) – Narayana Nethralaya 19
2 Sep-18 Appearance Screening Camp MES Primary & Middle School, Jayanagar 170 YFS Volunteers (12) 12
3 Sep – 20 Eye & Dental Camp Govt Urdu School, Electronic city 198 (Eye) & 172 (Dental) Eye(4) – Narayana Nethralaya, Dental(12) – Oxford Dental College & Hospital 4
4 Sep – 26 General Medical Camp Nele, Laggere 47 Dr. Lakshmi (Doctors for Seva)
5 Sep- 27 General Medical & Dental Camp MES Primary & Middle School, Jayanagar 197 (General Medical), 362 (Dental) General Medical – Doctors for Seva(3), Dental(9) – BIDS college 4


Till September 2010:

Total number of hospitals partnered with for referrals – 5

Total number of schools covered – 8

Total number of children given free treatment – 345

No. of days spent on referrals – 55

# Type Hospital’s name School’s name Starting date No. of days till Oct 1-2010 Total No. of children treated *
1 Dental Ramaiah Dental College & Hospital Govt Kannada School, Malleshwaram Sep 3, 2010 16 55
2 Dental AECS Maruti Dental College & Hospital Gottigere High School, Gottigere August 11, 2010 6 60
3 Dental Oxford Dental College & Hospital Munichinappa Govt Primary School, Adugodi August 16, 2010 21 147
4 Dental Oxford Dental College & Hospital Govt Urdu School, Electronic City Sep-20, 2010 1 54
5 Eye Narayana Nethralaya Hospital Govt Primary School & BBMP High school,  Malleshwaram Aug 25, 2010 4 7
6 Eye Narayana Nethralaya Hospital Govt Urdu School, Malleshwaram Sep 16, 2010 2 5
7 Eye Narayana Nethralaya Hospital Govt Kannada School, Malleshwaram Aug 27, 2010 2 3
8 Eye Narayana Nethralaya Hospital Jakkur Govt School, Govt Sep 9, 2010 2 6
9 Pediatric Rangadore Hospital (Dr. Shubha Badami) Munichinappa Govt School Sep-29, 2010 1 8
  • Note: The numbers mentioned are approximate.


  • Mantri KPL “Catch for a Cause” donated a cheque of Rs.10,000 toward Sponsor a Patient.
  • 2 more patients added to the program, bringing the total to 6 patients.
  • SAP’s official website is ready –
  • Campaigning for SAP started on Samhita website, in association with Joy of giving week.
  • Rs. 28,500 was raised through donations for a Brain tumor surgery for Mr.Charles Pillai. Total amount needed is Rs.65,000 by October-11,2010.

DOCTORS FOR SEVA: In September 2010, the following hospitals/doctors/clinics expressed willingness to help with camps and referrals following a camp

  • Sri Krishna Sevashram Hospital (for Pediatric, Skin, Eye, ENT & other referrals except Cardiac)
  • Vani Vilas Hospital (for Pediatric, Skin, Dental, Neuro referrals & Pediatric Surgery)
  • Cardiac Consultation– Dr. Hetal Mehta from Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road
  • Arunodaya Dental Clinic – Dr. Shivakumar, Vidyaranyapura
  • Clumax Diagnostic Lab, Jayanagar
  • Sparsha Skin & Ortho clinic, Jayanagar


  • Blood donation – On Sep 26, a walkathon & blood donation drive was organized. 70 people donated blood. In addition to this, 25 YFS volunteers have donated blood this month.
  • Spectacles – Total of Rs. 9300 received for spectacles. We will be able to sponsor spectacles for 37 children with this amount. Orders have been placed for 14 spectacles.


  • The health team will be doing the first medical camp outside Bangalore, at Mittur (Kolar district) on October – 2nd.
  • Medical camps are planned on October-3rd at Nele (Laggere) and Sri Krishna orphanage (Uttarahalli)
  • Talks are in process to initiate Hb testing in as many corporation & govt schools in association with BBMP. These camps will be done in November-December 2010
  • Talks are on with Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Vasanthnagar, to help with surgery cases that may come up after a medical camp.
  • Talks are on with Rajarajeshwari Dental College & Hospital, Rajarajeshwari nagar to conduct dental camps & provide referrals/treatment.