November 2010: Health Team report


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1. Overview

2. Medical Camps in November (4)

3. Referrals in November (188)

4. Sponsor a Patient

5. Doctors for Seva

6. Other Events

7. December 2010 plans

8. Appendix I – Overall status of referrals (June – Nov 2010)

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This month, the focus was on stepping up the process of completing referrals from camps conducted to date. In addition, steady progress was made on the projects undertaken at Mittur village and expanding the DFS network, among other things.

Following is a summary of Health Team activities in November:

MEDICAL CAMPS in NOV 2010 (4):

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1.    Medical and Surgical camp at Chunchaghatta (near Konanakunte cross)– 14th Nov.

This was the Health team’s first free Medical-Surgery camp for an adult population. Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Vasanthnagar, conducted the screening, and the camp, for people from villages in the immediate vicinity of the venue (Maruti School on Chunchaghatta-Kothnur main road). There were 414 people (children as well as adults) coming in from various other locations too. Mahaveer Jain Hospital shall be taking up the 123 marked surgical cases for free on specific dates before January 31st, 2011. So far, 50 review consultations have been completed, and 15 free surgeries have been undertaken. Volunteers Ashok LK & Anand Baskaran coordinated the camp, and volunteers Praveen, Namitha, Shreedhar, Akshata helped on the day of the camp.

2.    Medical camp at Vyalikaval School– Nov 2nd, 4th, 6th, 13th, 20th

Stage-I: General Medical check-up for 144 High school students (conducted by Doctors for Seva Dr.Vimochana and Dr.Jayalakshmi) and an Eye screening for 480 Primary and High school students (conducted by Narayana Nethralaya).

Stage-II: Appearance screening of 188 Primary and Middle school students (conducted by volunteers Pramod, Dhanush, Vikrant, Krishna, Sudha, Channabasava, Prema) and Medical check-up of 80 children (conducted by Dr.Lakshmi, Dr.Pallavi and Dr.Jayalakshmi).

3.    Hb testing at Basaveshwaranagar Schools– 9th to 12th Nov.

Padmashri Diagnostics, Vijayanagar, conducted Hb testing for 465 students of Saneguruvanahalli Primary, Middle and High school, Basaveshwaranagar, free of cost. The camp was co-ordinated and managed by Dr.Vimochana, and she has also prescribed and initiated an Iron/Folic Acid tablet regime for all the children that have a below-normal Hb level. Administration of these tablets is being monitored by Dr.Vimochana, Dr.Jayalakshmi and volunteer Vyjayanthi.

4.    Refraction and Cyclo-refraction testing at Ganganagar High School– 29th Nov.

Sankara Nethralaya, Bellary Road, conducted refraction/cyclo-refraction tests for 40 students of BBMP High school, Ganganagar, who had been marked for further referral following a previous Eye check-up. 5 prescriptions for spectacles were prepared on the day itself, and the number of further referrals was brought down to 19.


We can only count a Medical camp as successful if the children identified [by the screening process] as requiring treatment, do actually get the treatment needed. Hence, the vital process of making referrals (follow-up treatments/consultations) happen. Given below are the referrals undertaken in the month of November:

Total number of schools covered = 9

Total number of hospitals who helped with referrals = 9 hospitals  + 3 individual doctors

Total number of children given free treatment in November = 235

Total number of adults given free treatment in November = 50

The status of referrals in all our camps from June – Nov 2010, can be viewed at the end of this report – Appendix I

# Type of referral School’s name Hospital’s/DFS doctor’s name Referrals completed (Nov) /   Referrals pending (31 Oct)
1 Dental    (47 / 329) Government Urdu school, Malleswaram Ramaiah Dental college and Hospital, Mathikere 21 / 41
2 MES School, Jayanagar Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences, near Dairy Circle 26 / 288
3 Cardiac    (8 / 9) Saneguruvanahalli Government Primary school, Basaweshnagar Jayadeva Hospital 5 / 5
4 MES School, Jayanagar Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road 2 / 3
Vyalikaval school Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road 1 / 1
5 Paediatric       (67 / 79) Government Model Primary school, Saneguruvanahalli Dr.Vimochana 53 / 65
6 MES School, Jayanagar ShriKrishna Sevasharam, Jayanagar 14 / 14
7 Dermatology  (21 / 37) Government Model Primary school, Saneguruvanahalli Dr.Sathya Kumar 5 / 6
8 Shri Krishna Children’s Home, Uttarahalli KC General Hospital, Uttarahalli 4 / 20
9 MES School, Jayanagar ShriKrishna Sevasharam, Jayanagar 9 / 9
Munichinappa Govt School, Adugodi ShriKrishna Sevasharam, Jayanagar 3 / 3
10 Eye        (77 / 139) Government Model Primary school, Saneguruvanahalli Narayana Nethralaya, Rajajinagar 16 / 51
11 Government Urdu School, Malleswaram Narayana Nethralaya, Rajajinagar 2 / 7
BBMP High School, Malleswaram 5 / 11
12 Ganganagar High School, Ganganagar Sankara Nethralaya, Bellary Road 38 / 47
13 Government Urdu School, Electronic city Narayana Nethralaya, Bommasandra 2 / 9
14 MES School, Jayanagar ShriKrishna Sevasharam, Jayanagar 14 / 14
15 ENT       (15 / 15) MES School, Jayanagar ShriKrishna Sevasharam, Jayanagar 7 / 7
16 Munchinappa Government school, Adugodi ShriKrishna Sevasharam, Jayanagar 8 / 8
17 Multiple specialties (50 / 123) From Medical/Surgical camp at Konanakunte cross Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Vasanthnagar 50 review consultations done, 15 surgeries completed, out of 123 cases
TOTAL 9 schools covered 9 hospitals, and 3 individual members of DFS helped in this process 235 children and 50 adults given free treatment


  • Rs.15,100 collected this month via donations; expenses of Rs.10,920 incurred towards the treatment of 3 patients
  • Rajarajeswari Medical college and Hospital offers to to provide free treatment for inpatient cases; plans are in place to establish an MoU between Rajarajeswari Medical college and SAP/YFS


In November, the following Hospitals have joined Doctors for Seva:

  1. Rajarajeswari Dental College and Hospital, Mysore Road
  2. Padmashri Diagnostic Lab, Vijayanagar
  3. Sankara Nethralaya, Hebbal
  4. Maharaja Agrasena Hospital, Banashankari

Talks are on with the following Hospitals to invite them to join the DFS network:

  1. RV Dental college, JP Nagar
  1. Manipal Hospital, Airport Road


  1. Progress at Mittur

In Mittur village (Mulbagal taluk, Kolar district), following the Hb tests done in October for children of the High school, an Iron/Folic acid tablet regime has been prescribed for those children with below-normal Hb levels. The teachers at the school are ensuring that this regime is being followed.

With one of the chief needs (as identified by analysis of the survey in October) being to address the Menstrual hygiene of the girls and women, sanitary pads were distributed on Nov. 14th to the high school girls that have attained puberty, and a further 2 months’ stock kept at the school, to be distributed over the coming months. An awareness talk on Menstrual hygiene, coupled with a demonstration of using and disposing sanitary pads, was done on Nov. 11th by volunteers. These sanitary pads were procured from a community-centric production unit at Mount Carmel college, Bangalore, and the plan is to set up a similar production unit at Mittur, for a more sustainable model.

  1. Plans for Medical camp at tribal village

Rachiana Doddi is a tribal village in Kanakapura District. A group that has been involved in initiatives at Rachiana Doddi approached the Health team with a request to conduct a Medical camp there, and to see if there are other ways in which we could help out. Discussions have been on regarding the same, and we plan to do a door-to-door survey/needs analysis along with a preliminary Medical screening in December, and data from these will help us determine our next steps at Rachiana Doddi.


We plan to make the following happen in December 2010:

  1. Rajarajeswari Dental college and Hospital have adopted two schools, and shall be conducting Dental check-ups at these schools, and also initiating follow-up treatments
  • Government school, Vasanthpura (check-up on Dec 7th and 8th)
  • Uttarahalli Government school (check-up on Dec 13th and 16th)
  1. Dental camp at Nele, Laggere
  2. Determine action plan for Medical camp and, if required, other initiatives in Rachiana Doddi; start off with a survey to determine needs of the villagers
  3. Medical check-up at Primary/Middle School, Mittur village
  4. First Aid course conducted by Nightingales’ Health Services, planned by Pallavi Kamat, for interested volunteers (Dec. 19th)
  5. Awareness talks at schools- General and Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, about the 108 Emergency services
  6. Carry on the referral process; plan to reach near-completion stage at all schools by end of the month, since exam preparations begin early in the new year
  7. Prepare content for Doctors for Seva website.



Given below is the list of all the camps & referrals we’ve undertaken  till the end of November 2010.

# Camp location & Dates Type of camp Total no. Screened Total Referrals Referrals completed  till November Remaining  referrals
1 Govt Kannada School, Malleshwaram


Dental 104 56 56 NIL
2 Govt Urdu School, Malleshwaram


Dental 52 41 21 20
3 5 schools in Malleshwaram


Eye 307 45 12 11 (remaining denied consent)
4 Mahila Mandali School, Basavangudi (July-27) Dental 223 223 NIL

(School not cooperating)

5 Gottigere Govt School, Bannerghatta Road (Aug-2) Dental 332 270 40 230
6 Munichinappa Govt. School, Adugodi


General, Dental, Eye 240 245 cases

Pediatric (7)

Dental (207)

Cardiac (5)

Surgery (1)

Ortho (2)

Neuro (3)

Eye (10)

ENT (9)

Skin (1)

Dental (92), Others (38) 115
7 Ganganagar Govt School, Ganganagar (Aug-10) Eye 262 47 38 9
8 Jakkur Govt School, Jakkur (Aug-13) Eye 362 108 10 98
9 Saneguruvanahalli Primary & High School, Basaveshwaranagar (Aug 24, 25, 26, Sep-4) General, Dental, Eye 486 General – 65,

Dental – 181,

Eye – 51

General – 53

Dental- NIL

Eye – 16


(remaining haven’t offered consent)

10 Govt Urdu School, Electronic City


Dental, Eye Dental – 172, Eye-198 Dental – 160, Eye -9 Dental – 53

Eye – 2

11 Nele Narendra, Laggere (Sep-26) General 47 21 21 NIL
12 MES Primary School, Jayanagar (Sep-27) General, Dental General – 196, Dental – 342 General – 49

Dental – 288

General – 49 Dental – 26 General – 0

Dental – 262

13 Mittur HIgh School, Mittur (Oct-2) General, Hb testing 123 Anemia -83 Iron tablets being given NIL
14 Sri Krishna Orphanage, Uttarahalli (Oct-3) General, Dental, Hb 47 General-19, Dental-33, Hb – 43 General-7,

Hb – tablets being given

General – 12, Dental-33
15 Konankunte Surgery Camp (Nov-14) Surgery Camp 414 123 50 73
16 Vyalikaval Education Society, Vyalikaval (Nov-2nd, 4th, 6th, 13th, 20th) General, Eye General – 224 Eye – 480 Yet to be determined
17 Saneguruvanahalli School, Basaveshwaranagar (Nov-9th to 12th) Hb testing 465 Anaemic – 136 Iron tablets being given NIL
TOT 22 locations 4512 screened 2296 referrals required 846 referrals complete 1450 referrals remaining