Malleshwaram eye camps in five schools


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Date and Time 26 July, 2010; 9:30 A.M to 4:00 P.M
Number of Schools covered (4)
  • Govt. Girls’ School, Srirampuram
  • Govt. Urdu School, Malleswaram
  • Govt. Primary Kannada School, Malleswaram
  • B.B.M.P Primary and High School, Malleswaram
Conducted by Narayana Nethralaya
Team from Narayana Nethralaya (6) Dr.Ashwini, Dr.Sahana (Doctors) ; Ms.Hiral, Mr.Praveen, Mr.Pradeep (Optiometrists) ; Mr.Phani Kishore (Camp co-ordinator)
Volunteers present (10) Rucha, Vyjayanthi, Ashok, Sourabh, Hemalatha, Preethi, Dhanush, Sudha, Prem, Anand
Number of students screened 307
Number marked for referral 45

On 26th July, 2010, Youth for Seva in association with Narayana Nethralaya conducted eye screening camps at four government schools in Malleshwaram. The following are the findings:


45 students required referral (for follow-up/treatment). The types of referrals and the number against each are presented below:

Refraction/Cyclo-Refraction: 34

Squint Evaluation: 6

Further Evaluation: 3

Other*: 4

[ Note: The total number exceeds 45, since some students required referral for more than one type ]

* Other referrals included one each of the following:

  • Excision of Dermoid
  • Pseudophakic correction
  • Vision test by Smart System
  • Rehabilitation/Smart System