ELDERS MEDICAL CAMP (Mittur) – March 11, 2011


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On March 11, 2011, we organized a Medical Camp for Elders in Kolar, in association with Devraj Urs Medical College & Hospital. The initiative was led by Mr. Kalawar with the intention of bringing to focus the village elders in need of medical attention. Also, an attempt was made to collect data from the elders who attended the camp regarding old age pension, in order to help them obtain the same if in case they haven’t been receiving it.

Given below is a summary of the event and findings

Date: March 11, 2011

Time: 11 am to 2.30 pm

Venue: New Primary Health Centre (PHC) building in Mittur village

Team from Devraj Urs Hospital: 14 – Dr. Krishnamurthy, Dr. Nandini, Dr. Malathi, Dr. Preethi, Dr. Navya, Dr. Goutham, Dr. Harish, Dr. Riddhima, Dr. Sahana, Dr. Shruthi, Dr. Madhav, Dr. Neeraj, Dr. Sugaranjini, Mr. Ashwath Narayana Gowda (General, Dental, Eye, Gynaecology, Pharmacy and interns)

No of volunteers present: 10 – Mr. Kalawar, Mr. Krishnaprasad, Dr. Jagadish, Mrs. Sunanda, Mrs. Vanaja, Mrs. Nirmala, Dr. Buddhadev, Sinu, Anand, Akshay

No. of people screened: 157 (88 females + 69 males)

No. of villages that participated: 9 – Ookunte(49), Mittur(24), Bandehalli(25), Nagasandra (12), Chiyandahalli (6) Marakalghatta (5), Veershetahalli (4), Karaghatturu(1), Kothnuru (2)

Free Medicines Issued for – 94

Medicines yet to be given – 19

Cases referred to the hospital – 36

Cataract Surgery 14 (8 Females + 6 Males)
Dental 5 (3 Females + 2 Males)
ENT 4 (1 Female + 3 Males)
General Medicine 4 (1 Female+ 3 Males)
Gynaecology 3 3 Females
Ophthalmology 3 (1 Female + 2 Males)
Ortho 1 1 Female
Urologist 1 1 Male
Seizure 1 1 Female

Devraj Urs Medical Hospital will take up Cataract Surgery and spectacle cases for free, and the others will be done at a 50% discount.

No. of elders not receiving pension – 45 (36 Females + 9 Males)

Id cards made for­ – 114 (74 Females + 40 Males)

Distributing Pads

After the camp, we distributed Sanitary Napkins funded by Dr. Lakshmi Achar for around 60 High School Girls in Mittur. We distributed 2 packets each for the next 2 months keeping in mind the study holidays and exams that are nearing. This is the 4th distribution event in the same school and the feedback from the girls has been very positive.


Youth for Seva expresses its sincere gratitude to the team from Devraj Urs Medical College and Hospital, led by Dr. Krishna Murthy on the day of the camp. We also thank the HOD (Community Department), Dr. Ranganath, of Devraj Urs College & Hospital for readily agreeing to undertake the camp and for his continuous coorperation and support.

We thank Mr. Kalawar for initiating this effort and for tirelessly volunteering on the day of the camp. We also thank the members of Nightingale foundation – Mrs. Sunanda, Mrs. Vanaja and Mrs. Nirmala for volunteering during the camp.

We thank Mr. Krishna Prasad & Dr. Jagadish from Mittur for helping us manage the crowd and for volunteering during the camp.

We thank the members of the Panchayat, Medical Officer, School Headmaster and others in Mittur for their support in making arrangements for venue, food and medicines.