Comprehensive Medical Camp at Wilson Garden Schools- Bosch CSR (Feb-28)


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Photos of the camp can be viewed by clicking here.

Venue: Govt. Kannada Model Primary School and Govt. Urdu Primary School, Wilson Garden


Date and Timings: 28th February; 9:30 A.M to 3:00 P.M

The company BOSCH have adopted the Medical needs of these schools for a period of 3 years, as part of their CSR program, and have associated with YFS in this regard. This is the second such set of schools adopted by BOSCH, following the Munichinappa Govt. School, Adugodi (a report of which can be found here).

This Medical camp was preceded by a pre-screening by volunteers on the 12th of February; click here to read the Pre-screening report.


Number of children screened: 220 (180 from the Kannada School and 40 from the Urdu School)


Camp Components and Medical team involved:

A total of 24 Doctors screened the children on the day.

The categories under which the children were screened, along with the respective Medical Professionals involved is listed below:

Category/Specialty Medical Team involved
General Physician/ Paediatricians (6) 1. Team of 2 Doctors from Sri Krishna Sevashrama Hospital, Jayanagar


2. Dr.Jayalakshmi (M.B.B.S)


3. Team of 2 Doctors from Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road


4. 1 Doctor from Manipal hospital


Dermatology (2) Team of 2 Doctors from Victoria Hospital, K.R Market
ENT (1) 1 Doctor from Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road
Ophthalmology (5) Team of 5 from Karthik Nethralaya, N.R Colony
Dental (10) Team of 1 Lecturer, 4 P.Gs and 5 interns from R.V Dental College and Hospital, J.P Nagar


YFS co-ordinated with Doctors from R.V Dental College & Hospital, Victoria Hospital and Sri Krishna Sevashrama Hospital, and Dr.Jayalakshmi, while BOSCH arranged for the other Doctors to be present.


YFS Volunteers present: Namita, Suraj, Gana, Sonal, Ullas, Arpitha, Vyjayanthi, Sinu, Anand from YFS; employees of BOSCH were also present on the day as volunteers

Volunteers assisted in Registration, keeping records of Doctors’ findings, maintaining lane discipline and guiding children to each of the screening Departments.

Also present at the camp were Mr.Bhattacharya (V.P, BOSCH), Mr.Prabhakar, Dr. Povaiah from BOSCH; Dr.Vimochana (Paediatrician & Convener, Doctors for Seva) and Venkatesh Murthy (Coordinator, YFS)



Of the 220 children screened on the day,

  • 78 have been prescribed Medicines
  • 315 referrals have been identified (67 (Urdu School) + 248 (Kannada school))

Keeping in mind the nearing school exams, Medicines shall be procured for those children requiring them, and any cases requiring immediate attention shall be taken up for referral. The remaining treatments shall be taken up in June, when the next Academic year starts.


A summary of numbers of the Doctors’ findings is presented below:


Parameter Number of children
Govt. Kannada School Govt. Urdu School Total
Total Strength 210 66 276
Total number screened 180 40 220
Total number Absent 30 26 56
Total number requiring followup 166

(92 %)





Medicines prescribed for 59 19 78
Skin 20 8 28
Eye 14 5 19
ENT 17 6 13
Others 13 13
Govt. Kannada School Govt. Urdu School Total
Paediatric Referrals 4 3 7
Eye Referrals 33 9 42
Dental Referrals* 140 32 172
Skin Referrals 4 1 5
ENT Referrals 21 5 26
Malnutrition 18 15 33
Orthopaedic 3 3
Neurology 1 1 2
Cardiac 2 2
Surgery 2 2
Tonsillectomy 7 7
Counselling 6 1 7
Tests / Medical Investigarions 7 7


Sincere thanks to all the Doctors and volunteers who made this camp happen.


Thanks are also due to Mr.Rajanna and Ms.Usha from BOSCH for spearheading this project from BOSCH’s side, and their tireless efforts in this direction. It may be noted that following the Medical camp and subsequent referrals at the Munichinappa Government School, Adugodi (Read report here), a follow-up study by BOSCH has revealed that 95% of the children at that school are now free of the medical complaints identified during the camp; this is a big transformation from the 7% children that were declared as presenting with no Medical complaints when the camp was conducted there in August 2010. Here’s hoping for a similar change for the better at these schools too.